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Our technical know-how and equipment enable us to offer superior project construction and management services with little or no subcontracting. We manage multidisciplinary projects with the fastest response in the industry and minimal downtime; never compromising quality and safety.

From design to delivery, our ability to offer our clients turn-key projects is what sets us apart. From the conceptual stage to its completion – including design, management, construction and commissioning – each project is catered to the client's specific needs.

Our solutions are lean, energy-efficient and follow best management practices. Key information is really accessible on site. With our multidisciplinary capabilities, our client enjoy direct control over the project. By eliminating a layer of supervision, we streamline the process and increase the level of safety and precision. This is far more efficient than having to monitor multiple contractor for each discipline.

Our service approach

Engineering services
  • Electrical works

  • Mechanical works

  • Structural steel works

  • Architectural interiors

  • Concrete works

  • Project management

  • Subcontractor management

  • Safety management

Key Alproem benefits
  • Fast response

  • Less downtime

  • Better control & communication

  • Full commitment

  • Value engineering

  • Turn-key projects

Team of professionals
  • Professional engineers

  • Estimators

  • Certified welders

  • Licensed electricians

  • Licensed electrician helpers

  • Draftsmen

Health, Safety and Environment

We are committed to:

• Incorporate Safety and Occupational Health management into all aspects of our operations.

• Communicate effectively our safety & environmental policies and procedures to all stakeholders.

• Provide appropriate safety & environmental training and awareness to our construction team.

• Comply with all regulatory obligation.

Safety first

ALPROEM Engineering Contractors, Corp. has adopted an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), which describes specific requirements for program responsibility, compliance, communications, hazard assessment, accident/exposure investigations, hazard correction, training, and recordkeeping.

Our company strives to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Safety and health must be a part of every operation, and we are very proud of Alproem’s record and achievements relating to health, safety and the environment in all of our projects.

Our incident rate is significantly lower than the Puerto Rico average incident rate for construction. Our OSHA recordable incident rate for the last five years ranges below 1.0.

We aim to operate incident and injury-free at all sites by following a robust risk management system. These innovative safety process allow us to detect potential workplace hazards at an early stage.

Safety program

Our comprehensive safety program includes in every project:

• An environmental, Health and Safety Manager.

• A full time safety inspector assigned for each project.

• Weekly safety toolbox meetings for all employees and sub-contractors.

• Daily Safety Task Assessment program.

• Weekly Safety Inspection by Alproem’s Site Safety Inspector.

• Drug compliance system program.


At ALPROEM we are dedicated to preserving the environment. All construction activity is based on this unbending commitment and follows a strict Environmental Management Plan. The plan outlines best practices and compliance guidelines.

At ALPROEM, we are advocates for the recognized principles of Sustainable Development in relation to Waste Minimization, Pollution Control, Energy and Resource Conservation and preservation of ecological systems, flora and fauna. We are committed to environment and we will not allow it to be compromised by our activities.

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